Camaro Subframe Connectors For Convertibles 1982 1992 1.75 x .120 wall DOM TubingWelding RequiredAdds Jacking Points Along Rocker AreaPut an end to squeaky dashboards and cracking quarter panels on convertibles, and seriously enhance your chassis' handling and launch performance.Our truss style framing system is constructed of 1.75 x .120 wall DOM tubing for serious, uncompromised rigidity. The frame rail connects to the front rear lower control arm mounting area and runs the entire length of the rocker panel, it ends at the rear side of the front wheel well. The main shaft is formed to fit the contour of the floor board, providing for weld contact area the entire length of the frame shaft, and no ground clearance loss.We don't stop there. Mid shaft we install a Y off frame that connects the main frame shaft to the beefy front sub frame at the transmission crossmember mounting area. This provides for the ultimate in chassis stiffening by utilizing a triangulated framing design. The frame rails also provide for an excellent jacking point.This is a weld in system that ships to you either bare, or with a brilliant and durable powder coated finish. If you've been looking for the ultimate sub frame connection system for your third generation F Body, you just found it!These SFCs are designed to be used on a single cat or dual cat y pipe exhaust system. The passenger's side main shaft necks down in the front to allow proper y pipe clearance. No exhaust or floor board modific $249.99

Convertibles Convertible Subframe Connectors Been toying around with the idea of getting. Tubular Subframe Connectors 1 1 F Body Camaro Firebird Tubular.

To me Camaro or Firebird should not have put that box on the sills but should have put.


1 00 Camaro Convertible Point Subframe Connector Weld In UMI Performance 0 Applications 1 00 GM F Body Convertible 1 00.

Up the ride of your rd gen Camaro or Firebird with new inner subframe connectors for the 1 1 Camaro and 1970 1972 Camaro Bumper Bracket Set Front Except Rally. Tubular Sub Frame Connectors Convertible Cars 1 1 GM F Body Convertible 1 00.

Camaro Firebird Boxed Style Weld In Subframe Connectors HAWKS. Find CHEVROLET CAMARO Z Subframe Connectors Bolt On.

CAMARO Z Subframe Connectors Bolt On. 1 Mustang Subframe Connector Convertible RM 10.

Camaro Firebird Sub Frame Connectors Bare Convertibles Only Spohn. Point Subframe Connectors Convertible Bolt In. This contains a product description for the 1 1 1 Camaro convertible subframe connectors from Global West Suspension.

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