Camaro Taillight To Body Mounting Nuts 1972 1973 Reproduction Of Original8 Stamped Steel NutsSecures Taillight Housings To TailpanHelps Keep Water Out Of The TrunkHardware is one of the best investments you can make for your show Camaro or your daily driver. When you put dirty or repainted fasteners on new taillight housings...the new parts seem to look a little dingy. Or, you use the old fasteners and the taillights will not get tight enough to seal the trunk from water and dirt. Replace your taillight mounting nuts with this quality reproduction from Rick's All Generations today and insure you get the best parts for your restoration. $7.49

Tail Lamp Assembly OE Wiring Pigtails Customer Service. Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Shouldered Lens Screws. These are the non threaded studs with a locking tab made on to secure your tail light housings to the rear body panel.

Body Molding Push Pin Retainer 1 Long Shaft. Attaches Taillight Bezel to Rear Body Panel 1 pieces included 1 0 thread For 1 Camaro Camaros Classics part number RT. Reproductions of original stud and self threading nut with captured washer.

Results 1 of 1 Camaro Console Door 1997 2002.

Rear body tail light trunk wiring harness 0 1 Chevy Camaro Camaro Steering Wheel Emblem Camaro Badge 1979 1981. Attaches Taillight Bezel to Rear Body Panel1 pieces included1 0 threadFor 1 CamaroCamaros Classics part number RT automotive tail light.

Complete stud and nut set to install a pair of 1 Camaro tail lights Camaro T Shirt Flame Black 1993 2002.

To 1 0 1 Chevrolet Camaro. Hand and right hand housings. This is the factory assembly line correct.

Reproduction shouldered lens.

Camaro Suspension Kit Polyurethane Complete For Mono

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